JUST A GREEN GRANDMOTHER  is the blog for GREEN GRANDPARENTS:  an organization of concerned grandmothers and grandfathers and other special persons (Godparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends) who support Mother Earth by educating all children in living GREEN by setting a good example.

The way that we live is the message we give
Green Grandparents evolved naturally with the joy and excitement of becoming a grandmother.  With this joy came the need to protect all children from the "dangers" of the world  and the awesome responsibility of protecting the gifts of Mother Earth for future generations. 

Through these postings, I will share my adventures and research while I made the "Big Switch" to 
GREEN thinking and living one organic product at a time.

It doesn't matter WHAT you do with your grandchildren...it only matters THAT you do...being GREEN  together is a life style!  Through all the seasons, summer, winter, spring and fall...we will share activities for living GREEN together!  You will be able to find classroom projects, outdoor adventures, holiday happenings that focus on giving to your local world and the world at large...book lists for GREEN information and GREEN inspiration highlighted on this blog.   
Everyday activities from cooking to exploring nature, volunteering for community GREEN projects and organizations, chosing causes that are meaningful for you and the world you want it to be for your grandchildren...all this and more can be found at greengrandparents.org