Just a Green Grandmother is the blog for GREEN GRANDPARENTS.ORG, an educational resource providing materials and volunteer opportunities for bringing GREEN programs, activities, puppet projects and storytelling to elementary school classrooms, churches, libraries and any other place children may gather.

Green Grandparents is a collection of ideas and activities to share with children at home, in school and in the community to connect us to Mother Earth. Through our own Green examples of the way that we live, we have the opportunity to promote environmental awareness of the wonderful natural resources.entrusted to our care.  

Carolyn Stanson, the 
Green Grandmother in this blog, has been a storyteller and puppeteer for 35 years in schools, libraries and churches. Touring as  Mother Goose, she uses the age-old rhymes with music, poetry and puppets to introduce children and parents to the love of books and joys of reading. She has worked with children of all ages in a long list of volunteer positions over the years and feels that the greatest joy in life comes from seeing the world through their eyes and sharing it with them.  

The Green Sources listed in this blog and on the website are personal suggestions from her extensive research as a Green Grandmother, not as anyone with scientific or environmental credentials.

GREEN GRANDPARENTS is a station for GREEN information collected by grandparents as they share their GREEN experiences.GREEN GRANDPARENTS is a network providing links to GREEN organizations that share our GREEN mission.

GREEN GRANDPARENTS is not affiliated with any political party and does not advocate for or against any political legislation or issues. All our puppet projects are made with recycled and repurposed materials. Start collecting your "art" supplies and combine them with your grandchildren's creativity and imagination...and you have one of a kind, unique messengers to connect us to Mother Earth through rhythm and music.
All the program ideas are original works that have been tested in classrooms from kindergarten to sixth grade so we know that they work well with all levels of ability and can be expanded to accomadate many children.  The projects are "volunteer ready" with directions and patterns easy for Green Grandparents and other special Green people to follow.