Thursday, March 3, 2011


Living GREEN is not just a choice…it is an honor.  As we sit in a drum circle connecting to the heartbeat of Mother Earth…the message is very clear….We ARE the caretakers of the earth and it is our responsibility to preserve the beautiful gifts of nature for future generations.   
As I was doing research for Green Grandparents, I was overwhelmed by the amount of reading I thought was required to consider myself knowledgeable enough to “Pass It On”.   The more I learn, the more there is to learn.  Questions came faster than the answers and I soon realized that Going Green is a lifetime commitment…a journey filled with opportunities and adventures to share with our grandchildren.  Day by day I find new ways that I need to change my thinking, new products to try and new information to investigate.
If  AWARENESS is the answer….what are the questions?  There are only two.  Why? and How?  We all know the why….to save, protect and preserve the earth.  How?  That is where the awareness comes in…we need to look for the problems that our world faces every day and make a plan to be an active part of the solution. 
There is a HUGE amount of GREEN information to be found in books or on line.  There  are numerous environmental  websites and blogs and causes to claim.  We will provide links to organizations that speak to us with in their mission and purpose.  Books that follow the themes of this blog will be added to an ongoing list of titles for children and adults. 
Look for the Simple Facts at the end of each blog....5 facts to help us understand an environmental need and 5 ways to make it happen...basic things we can easily understand and do. 
Remember...I am not a scientist or environmental consultant. 
I am Just A Green Grandmother trying to do my part!

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